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Mergers and Acquisitions Will Shape 2019

As the benchmark for lower middle market success continues to rise with more innovation and technological advances, things are sure to be interesting in 2019 for small business. Already, just days into 2019, lower middle market investors and business owners are anticipating a better year than the last, riding a consumer confidence that grew during the holiday season of 2018. For many, the New Year can be a time of optimism, often altering the true expectations of how the year will play out, but there are plenty of reasons to stay positive heading into February and beyond.

A brief point to be made is that as new markets at the top emerge and grow, including defense, healthcare, and tech, the optimism at the top in many ways also affects confidence in the lower and middle markets as well. In terms of growth for the world’s top companies across sectors, mergers and acquisitions are seen by nearly half as the best path forward to continued success. In 2018 at this time of the year, capital was seen as a growth agent, and about a third of lower middle market owners still see this to be true, but a majority believe that finding partners to join with and add business lines will be the way to stay on top of the lower middle market in 2019.

Organic growth is the key to a head start for any lower middle market business, and sometimes it can be difficult to anticipate when that growth will begin to run dry. It often happens suddenly, with a saturated market hitting its happy place before owners and investors see it, but plenty of cases in the past have seen organic growth continuing longer than anyone could have predicted. For that reason, it can be difficult to rely on organic growth and trend projections for decisive influence in opposition to or in favor of a merger or acquisition.

For that reason, SA Capital Partners offers financial services for those considering a merger or acquisition. Experience provides the best view of whether or not joining or absorbing a business is proper or not, and SA Capital Partners features a team of financial experts that understand trends and projections best.

In 2019, a merger or acquisition may be the catalyst to a year like never before. To find out if that is in your future or not, reach out to SA Capital Partners for consultation from specialists who know the lower middle market best.

About SA Capital Partners:

SA Capital Partners is an innovative financial services firm that specializes in mergers & acquisitions advisory and capital raising for lower middle market businesses. We aspire to give all the tools necessary to complete any transaction. SA Capital Partner’s financial services industry specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to banking transactions. Our breadth of services and industry knowledge allow us to understand each client’s unique business needs. Our goal is to make all financial services available to every small business. Website: Phone: (212)-235-2761 Email: #sacapitalpartners #sacapital #sacapitalpartnersllc

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