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Raising Capital: Service Firms vs. Struggling Solo

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

For any start up or business looking to grow, it’s crucial to raise and maintain a flow of capital. It’s discouraging to want to focus on your small business, but feel stuck asking investors for money, receiving countless “no’s”, or worse, “maybe’s” that leave you wondering for weeks whether or not you have their support.

Managing investor interest can be difficult. While investors expect you as the entrepreneur to provide a very specific timeline in regards to growth metrics and return on their prospective investment, this expectation is too often not reciprocated in regards to an investment decision. That’s why many turn to financial services firms like ours to raise capital. Raising capital doesn’t happen overnight, and rather than stress about it day-to-day, SA Capital Partners offers a plan for raising capital that allows you to rest easy, and rely on our services and resources to create a plan and successfully raise capital for your business.

Pitches and meetings can drain your time and energy. Rather than spend your time trying to get time in front of investors, only to have them give you a limited amount of time and start with a negative disposition from the get-go, we do the legwork for you. Your pitch and presentation may influence whether or not you raise capital, and rather than chance your luck with a presentation, despite your pitch having nothing to do with how well you can operate a business, we present your business for you.

Fundraising can also feel like its never-ending. One investor meeting is followed by the next, and another one that proves to be a dead end. Enough blockades can start to wear you down mentally and even physically. So much time is lost preparing for presentations and creating proposals that don’t lead to a deal. You want to run a company, not spend your time in these meetings feeling bogged down by the ins and outs of the monotony. We handle that for you with our services so that we can do what we do best, and you can focus on what you do best.

The nuances of raising capital for small businesses are plentiful. There are things that some of the brightest entrepreneurs don’t consider when looking for investments, and that’s where we come in. Educating yourself on the market and what helps a business establish its flow of capital is important, but rather than play catch up before getting serious about fundraising, we can step in and assist you in an aspect of small business that just so happens to be our forte.

Get started with SA Capital Partner’s services to help you raise capital and take the next step in growing or establishing your small business. Today is the perfect day to solidify your dream with a team of experts rather than tread this financial journey alone.

About SA Capital Partners:

We aspire to be the leading financial services firm to providing alternatives to investment banking. Our experienced professionals help give business owners all the necessary tools to complete certain capital raising and mergers and acquisition transactions themselves. We provide clarity to business owners to use our simplified self-guided services.

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