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Understanding Investment Banking’s High Fees

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Investment banking is almost like a curse word, you do not want to say it because of the negative notion by which it is accompanied. Investment banking is an industry that for far too long has forced small businesses out of their budgets, and even worse, out of their buildings, with high minimum fees, ridiculous technicalities, and unnecessary charges. While small businesses strive to turn a profit, global investment banking fees rose 16 percent to an estimated $104 billion in 2017, meaning for professional help, most investment banks expect you to pay exuberant fees for a spot in their too-large-to-manage portfolio of clients. At SA Capital Partners, we do things a little different.

As fees rise, your equity shrinks. Rather than pay a large investment bank ridiculous amounts of money to simply stab in the dark at what may or may not be best for you, SA Capital Partners listens to you and gets to know you and your goals. There is no helping a client we do not know personally, so we establish an understanding before we get down to business. There are a number of ways that an entrepreneur can establish a good start for their small business. It is imperative that an entrepreneur works with their business consultants closely, rather than throw money at a big dog investment bank that does not truly understand what they want and need.

Big investment banks don’t understand small business like we do. There’s a reason our clients are made up of lower middle market entrepreneurs. Large investment banks do not look for small businesses as a means to help grow individual’s goals and dreams, they look to turn a profit. SA Capital Partners was founded on understanding the inefficiencies in the lower middle market. By setting ourselves up with small business owners, we make sure that we remember why we started doing what we do: taking the little details and making them into your big dreams. Between corporate consulting and raising capital, SA Capital Partners is prepared to help you every step of the way. It might be business, but that does not mean it is not personal.

Investment Banking simply does not match your values. You want to start a business to better your life, not allow your job to take up every single second of your time. Investment bankers wilt under stress while their home life becomes their second shift of work, bringing home papers and files that they could not fit into their 14-hour work day. Just because you want to start a small business does not mean money is everything to you, and it is not to us either. In fact, the pleasure of helping to build your business, no matter what step you are at in the process, is what drives SA Capital Partners, not the invoice. At the end of the day, we are all people looking to improve our lives. SA Capital Partners can begin to improve yours today with business consultation and a better alternative to high fees and difficulties with investment bankers. Avoid the chaos for the clearer picture with the help of SA Capital Partners.

About SA Capital Partners:

We aspire to be the leading financial services firm to providing alternatives to investment banking. Our experienced professionals help give business owners all the necessary tools to complete certain capital raising and mergers and acquisition transactions themselves. We provide clarity to business owners to use our simplified self-guided services.

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