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What Businesses Can Do to Stay Open & Even Thrive During the COVID Crisis

There has never been a year quite like this one. With the coronavirus pandemic still going strong, and states still imposing restrictions, it can take a lot of effort to stay focused and stay optimistic. For small businesses, finding ways to stay open can be even more stressful, but some relief can be found in tips and resources like the ones provided below.

Embrace New Technology

Technology has always been important to businesses but getting comfortable with tech will be even more crucial for businesses looking to survive the COVID crisis.

Modifying practices for COVID challenges requires most businesses to adopt new technology.

Video conferencing services make meetings possible.

● Consider various communication tools like Slack and Teams to feel connected with your team while working remotely.

● In addition to remote work, ecommerce sales have increased due to COVID.

● Consider additional ecommerce options for your website.

Be Willing to Adapt Quickly

In addition to tech changes, businesses will also need to innovate their brick-and-mortar operations in order to remain afloat both during and after the pandemic.

Innovation and productivity are critical for businesses right now.

● For businesses planning to reopen, solutions like touch-free payment options could spell safety and success.

● Although the risk of COVID spreading via HVAC systems is still being evaluated, businesses should consider updates that increase fresh airflow.

● Open windows or not, all businesses should be prepared to implement recommendations for safety before they plan on opening their doors.

Ask for Support When Needed

Even with new tech and new practices, many small businesses will need additional financial support in order to stay open and stay successful as the COVID crisis continues.

● If you need financial assistance, the experts at SA Capital Partners can help you raise capital for your small business.

● For businesses needing funds to innovate and adapt, COVID grants may be available.

● Check in with your state government to see what sort of COVID-19 financial assistance is available.

● The federal government is also working on a second stimulus package.

● When these grants are not an option, small businesses can find the financial support they need via other grant programs and resources.

If small businesses want to ensure long-term success and vitality, they have to grow used to adapting, innovating and being prepared for whatever the future holds. This is the only way through and forward these dubious times.

To learn more about how SA Capital Partners can help your business succeed in this difficult environment, contact them at (212)-777-3800.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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