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Starting a Business in 2019 Might be the Perfect Time

For 2019, entrepreneurs in the non-financial private sector expect higher turnover, staff increases and higher investments than in 2018. Aside from positive expectations for next year, more and more businesses indicate they are affected by staff shortages. At the beginning of Q4 2018, 26 percent of entrepreneurs were hampered in the business operations as a result.

Entrepreneurs are positive about the expected turnover in 2019. On balance, 30 percent are anticipating turnover growth. Optimism is most prevalent in retail trade, where 43 percent of entrepreneurs expect turnover to increase. The private sector is also positive about employment opportunities. On balance, 17 percent of enterprises expect to expand their workforce next year. The demand for labour is highest in the sector information and communication (31 percent). Investments for 2019 are expected to be higher than in 2018 among 19 percent of businesses; lower investments are anticipated by 11 percent.

At the start of Q4 2018, 26 percent of enterprises in the non-financial private sector were facing impediments to their business operations as a result of understaffing. The number of enterprises reporting shortages has increased continuously over the past period. At the start of 2016, less than 5 percent of enterprises reported staff shortages as being an impediment.\

Big strides into 2019 mean that now might be a great time to start the business you’ve been thinking about getting off the ground. Just keep your mind open and the desire to start a business ignited. Nature and surroundings will provide ample cues to a new and profitable business idea. Inspiration can come from anywhere. A simple grocery store and its problems could lead you to open the next Costco in your town or a mere walk in your neighborhood park could lead you to develop Tivoli Garden for your city. The key is to keep your eyes and mind open and accessible to new ideas and opportunities.

Craigslist, the biggest American classified advertisements website, for example, was created just to distribute e-mails to friends to inform them of the local events. Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, started this enormous platform just to have a way for friendly communication and how this has now spread its tentacle to all segments worldwide is simply amazing.

A new and novel idea is enough to spur an initiative for a good business.

Once you have an idea of what might be the best way to start 2019 with a new business venture in the lower middle market, connect with SA Capital Partners to get a firm grasp on capital raising, advising, and every tip and trick you’ll want to know to master the small business world and become the dream you’ve been having for months, maybe years.

About SA Capital Partners:

SA Capital Partners is an innovative financial services firm that specializes in mergers & acquisitions advisory and capital raising for lower middle market businesses. We aspire to give all the tools necessary to complete any transaction. SA Capital Partner’s financial services industry specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to banking transactions. Our breadth of services and industry knowledge allow us to understand each client’s unique business needs. Our goal is to make all financial services available to every small business.

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